Why You Should Contact Your Senator

When it comes to politics as an everyday citizen there is only one way of getting your voice heard and that’s to understand what you are voting for when choosing your local senator. The senate in Australia is made up of 76 members, all of whom represent their individual state and territory. The senate was put in place to ensure equality across Australia and to keep government decisions and legislations under check.

The senate is an important part of your everyday life because the decisions they make will affect your freedom, your restrictions and have a daily impact on you. It’s important to remain closely in touch with your local state senator and to use your power as a member of the public to bring forth issues into parliament, whether through petition, letter or other means.

Australia is a rare case when it comes to politics as you have two houses of parliament as opposed to one. The first is the House of Representatives and the second is the senate. All legislations usually originate in the House of Representatives and then get passed to the senate to make the final decision on whether this bill should pass or not.

This is why it is important to contact your senator if you have any concerns or opposition over proposed bills and legislations. Your state senators are acting as your voice in parliament and they are making decisions on your behalf. Many state senators pride themselves in being in touch with the people they are representing and undertake this task because they have the best interests of their state at heart.

The senator website provides details of how you can get in touch with your local state senators; usually composing a letter is the best way of starting contact over an issue or via their office.



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